Energy Saving
HVAC systems are roughly 70% of your energy costs. Are your electric bills extremely high? We can also help you find a more energy efficient solution. We can evaluate your hvac system and get it running more efficiently. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting the correct air flow or changing a filter. One of the most important factors in reducing energy cost is replacing your HVAC systems filter regularly.

DAC Services is committed to installing energy efficient HVAC systems. We can help you increase your home efficiency while decreasing your environmental impact when installing a new energy efficient HVAC system. We can customize a system to maximize the seer rating. The higher the seer rating, the less money you’ll spend on energy cost. Not only monthly saving but Duke Energy and Piedmont Gas offer rebates for installing them!

Special Rebates
Receive up to $525 in rebates on high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment through the Duke Energy Smart $aver® Rebate Program

Duke Energy Eligibility requirements: 15+ seer rating on qualified HVAC equipment installations. An additional rebate for smart thermostat installation with equipment installation.

Piedmont Natural Gas Rebate on Eligible Furnaces Up $225. Piedmont Natural Gas Eligibility requirements: 90%+ efficiency furnace

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